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ZhuZhou, China


Founded: 202 BC

Population: 1,277,000

Area: 11261 sq km / 4,348 sq mi, 

Main Industries:  transportation center, nonferrous metals, hard alloys, and plate glass

Relationship Established:

September 5th, 2012

Additional Resources:

ZhuZhou Sister City Signing.png

Zhuzhou, China


Durham, North Carolina, has fostered collaborative initiatives with Zhuzhou, China, through various channels. This includes Durham School Partnerships actively engaging with schools in Zhuzhou, creating an educational bridge between the two communities. The commitment extends to supporting Duke Gardens in planning the Sister Cities Chinese Garden within the Asiatic Arboretum, enhancing cultural exchange and appreciation.


Additionally, the collaboration involves backing the Carolina China Council's endeavors in Arts and Business Development programs, promoting mutual growth in these sectors.


Furthermore, the partnership extends beyond educational and cultural realms to facilitate connections at the governmental level. This involves hosting local government delegations, providing a platform for meetings with representatives from Durham government officials, Durham Public Schools (DPS), Discover Durham, and Duke Gardens, fostering a comprehensive and multifaceted collaboration between the sister cities.

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