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Tilaran, Costa Rica


Founded: April 2019

Head of Government: Mayor Juan Pablo Barquero Sánchez

Population: 8,677

Area: 1900ft, 246.5 mi²

Main Industries: Tilaran and Tejona is one of the most important

 wind farms in Costa Rica and turbines are prominent on the landscape. Animal husbandry also farms are important part of the

local economy.

Relationship Established

  The Tilaran group celebrated after Durham's City Council approved

the application of Tilaran to become a Sister City with Durham. The signing ceremony was in April, 2019.

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Tilaran, Costa Rica

 Tilaran is in the beautiful mountains of the province of Guanacaste in northwest Costa Rica. It is the seat of the Tilarán Canton located in the mounains overlooking the west shore of Lake Arenal.  

Tilarán is a canton in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. The head city is in Tilarán district.

When visiting Tilaran, you will see many windmills, as pictured to the left.


There are nine windmill farms, which compliment the hydroelectric power produced from Lake Arenal, and together they produce 60% of the electricity for the entire country of Costa Rica.

The area is also a major area for tourism with the Arenal Volcano, water sports on Lake Arenal, and the nearby rain forest at Monte Verde.

Sister Cities projects between our two cities will include partnering with High School students to explore environmental projects.

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