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Kavala, Greece



Head of GovernmentMayor Theodoros Mouriadis


Area: 135.7 sq mi, 174 ft

Main Industries: After the country's industrialization,

Kavala also became a center of the tobacco industry in northern Greece. 

Relationship Established

 2017 Sister City Agreement

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Kavala, Greece

Perched on a hillside along the Aegean Sea, the city of Kavala stands as a cultural crossroad between the East and West. This enchanting destination boasts everything one could desire – from majestic mountains and pristine beaches to picturesque cityscapes, breathtaking views, significant monuments, and delectable local cuisine. Moreover, a myriad of amazing places await exploration within a short distance.

Betty Sidden grew up in Kavala, where her father worked for the Ligatt & Myers Tabasco company. She approached Sister Cities of Durham to start a sister city with Kavala Greece. In 2017, both mayors signed an agreement to establish a sister city relationship. 

Activities of the Kavala Committee:

-- Partnering with Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum

-- 15-member Durham delegation to Kavala in 2018, hosted by the Mayor of Kavala

-- 25-member Durham delegation to Kavala in 2019 to participate in their International Ethnic Dance Festival, as one of 9 nations dancing.  The Cane Creek Cloggers represented the Durham area and North Carolina. Also, 4 board members had a booth to distribute Durham information at the Festival

-- Sister Cities Delegation visited Kavala, Greece, June 27 - July 5 2023 with two board members and one High School student. Their trip included meetings with City officials and Kavala's Sister Cities committee, and established a foundation for a Student Exchange Program with Kavala.

2 Kavala, Greece high school students plan to visit the City of Durham in the summer, of 2024

SCD-Kavala Sister City plans to go to Kavala in the summer of 2025

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