Sister Cities of Durham, North Carolina


Toyama, Japan

Toyama, Japan Sister City since 1989:  
Located on a delta plain between the Sea of Japan and the towering Southern Japanese Alps, Toyama was completely rebuilt after WW II bombing raids.  It is now a thriving modern metropolis and a "City of Medicine".

The "Mountains -- Waterways" connection is that Toyama lies at the base of the towering Southern Japanese Alps, and is near the Sea of Japan.

Pictured above:  This brick mural was presented to Durham by Toyama in 1994 to celebrate the opening of the new Bulls baseball park, and can be seen in the main concourse.

Activities and Programs
--Hosting Toyama College of Foreign Languages Students Annually
--Exchanges of Medical Residents between our "Cities of Medicine"
--Working with Duke Gardens for the Japanese Tea Pavilion.
-- High school student trips to  Toyama.