Sister Cities of Durham, North Carolina


Japan Bell Ringing, 7:15  pm, Wed., Aug 5 to mark 75 Years of Peace for the US and Japan
since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Details below)s

Also:  3rd Annual Festival of Nations - Virtual Festival in Oct.

Durham links with our friends in 9 cities in China, Costa Rica, England, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Tanzania 

Students from the Toyama, Japan College of Foreign Languages were welcomed at RDU by their host families and the Toyama City Committee for their 18 day stay in Durham, Feb - Mar, 2020. Their stay included studying English as a 2nd Language.

This partnership has included seven TCFL visits to Durham, and two Durham High School student visits to Toyama.

Over 50 Durham families have hosted these students in their homes for an amazing cultural learning experience. 

Contact us if you are interested in being a Host Family.

Our 3rd Annual
"Festival of Nations"

A Virtual Festival in Oct.
Hosted by Sister Cities of Durham

Join us for several days of virtual presentations about the many international groups in Durham and their respective cities and countries.

Recorded, Live, Interactive Programs with Presentations from around the world and from Durham,
representing over 16 nations:
- Culture
- Dance
- Music
- Art
- Food & International Restaurants  
- Unique School Programs
- Travelogues
- Famous Geographical and Historical Sites
- Demonstrations of Crafts

Market Place for Vendors & Booths:
-- General Sales
-- International Restaurants
-- Cultural Booths

For Information, Contact:
Brady Surles, Executive Director,
Sister Cities of Durham
[email protected]

Toyama, Japan.  Sister City with Durham since 1989.

Japan Bell Ringing,

7:15 pm, Wed, Aug. 5
Marking 75 Years of Peace between the US and Japan, since the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Our Toyama City Committee invites you to join us to ring a bell (any kind of bell) at 7:15 pm, Wed. Aug. 5.
That time is 8:15 am, Aug. 6 in Japan, due to the 13 hour time difference.

   Cities in the US and Japan  will join at that time to ring:

--In Durham, many churches will ring their church bells.

--You are encouraged to ring a bell(s) at home with family and neighbors.


--We will also have a Zoom gathering on that Wed.,  

7 - 7:30 pm, where Mayor Schewel and Council Member Charlie Reece will join with us with comments.

    If you are interested in joining the Zoom meeting, contact SCD Exec. Director, Brady Surles:

    [email protected]


PayPal:  Make A Donation to Support Our Exchange Programs.   You can also Pay Membership Dues here.


We enjoyed being a part of Durham's 2019 Holiday Parade.   We had 9 nations with  flags, banners, and dancers.

Our Celaya, Mexico group was colorful in the Parade, with their flag and car decorations.  Their group included 4 dancers.  

                                    Coming Events:
Note:     Our programs are postponed because of the Coronavirus.  Hopefully our in person programs will resume in the near future.
However,  we still maintain our conversations with our friends around the world  -- Come join us!

3 pm, Sun, Aug 30:  Library Program, Southwest Lib
    Introduction to  Sister Cities and our 3rd Annual Festival of Nations.

3rd Annual Festival of Nations,  Oct. 17 - 18
      as a Virtual Festival.
Enjoy presentations that are recorded, live, interactive, featuring over 15 nations who are represented in the Durham area. This will include presentations from our Sister Cities and other nations
The virtual festival will feature dance, music, cultural activities, demonstrations of crafts, food, etc.    

  Plans are developing for trips to:
 Greece, Japan, Romania, when COVID recedes.

  The trips will be open to the public.
  Check back later for updates as plans develop.

Our Mission:  To promote mutual understanding and cooperation between Durham and global cities, to encourage world peace.

Pictured is our sign and the Sister Cities Peace Grove of Trees at Durham Central Park.  The Grove of Trees will eventually include trees representing all our Sister Cities.

Durham students welcome visiting students from our Sister Cities at RDU airport.


We invite you to join us in Sister Cities of Durham to promote a greater understanding of Durham's international connections.

Annual Membership Dues:

-- Family Membership          $35

-- Individual Membership     $20

-- Student Membership        $10

Also Life Time Membership    $300


Payment can be made:
-- on our PayPal button on this page; 

-- or Mail checks to:

  Sister Cities of Durham

  PO Box 767;  Durham, NC 27702

Thanks for supporting Sister Cities of Durham

Each year Sister Cities recognizes individuals and organizations with the Mayor's Award  for "Promoting International Understanding". Pictured are some of the recipients of this annual award at our Annual Meeting in Oct.