Sister Cities of Durham, North Carolina

Linking Durham to Cities in China, Costa Rica, England, Greece, Japan, Mexico, Romania, Russia, Tanzania

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What Do We Do?

Pictured: Our Festival of Nations on Oct. 12

We celebrated Durham's diversity - 18 nations represented:

-- Argentina, China, Costa Rica, England, Greece,
East Africa Countries, Guatemala, India, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Romania, Russia, Tanzania, and Scandinavian countries:

 Total of 41 vendors and booths:
12 International Booths
Food Tent -- 9 countries
11 Performers:  Musicians;  Dancers --Tango, Dragon Dancers, Scandinomium;  Choirs; Karate; Drummers
Vendors selling clothing, jewelry, crafts, etc.

  • A Festival to introduce you to Durham's diverse global culture and the many international groups in Durham.
                      Save the date for 2020  -- Oct. 11


                 What Do We Do?

           Library Presentations:
3:00, Sun., Nov. 24, Southwest Regional
        Topic:   "Our 30th Anniversary"
   This program will feature table displays of our Sister Cities and information about how Sister Cities has been a major part of Durham since 1989, by linking Durham to our Sister Cities around the world.  

  Expand Durham's Network of International Cities:
 In 2019, we added these New Sister Cities:
-- Tilaran, Costa Rica
-- Celaya, Mexico
-- Sibiu, Romania
Pictured above: 
Durham Mayor Steve Schewel with Sibiu Mayor Fedor, as they signed our latest Sister Cities partnership on September 16.
     They join our Sister Cities Family:
Arusha, Celaya, Durham-UK, Kavala, Kostroma, Toyama and Zhuzhou, and our Friendship Cities, Kunshan and Xianning in China.

High School Exchange Visits 
Exchanges in 2018 and 2019,
Durham, England and Kostroma, Russia.  

Durham students welcome students from England and Kostroma at RDU airport.


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