Sister Cities of Durham, North Carolina

Working Toward World Peace: One Friendship and One Community at a Time

Tilaran, Costa Rica 
Signing, April 15, 2019 with Tilaran Mayor Juan Pablo Barquero and Durham Mayor Steve Schewel
Pictured:  Members of Durham City Council, Tilaran City Council, Tilaran City Committee, Sister Cities Board.   
This was followed by a proclamation at City Council meeting recognizing this new Sister Cities Partnership.

Students from Toyama College of Foreign Languages met with Durham students who  traveled to Toyama in June, 2019.

2nd Annual 
Festival of Nations

       11 - 4, Sat., October 12, 2019

International Groups from Durham area: Costa Rica, Mexico, Romania,

China, England, Greece, Japan,
Romania, Russia, Tanzania, plus many more!

-- International Booths
-- International Food Tent

-- International Dancers & Musicians

Duke Homestead/Tobacco Museum, 2828 Duke Homestead Rd
Admission: $5 per person.
  Children under 12 free

Free Parking

Interested in being a Vendor? Performer? 
Having a Booth?

-- Vendors: Selling international, clothing, handicrafts, souvenirs,   etc.?

-- Booths to promote understanding of your country?

-- Performing groups - international dance, musicians?
 Contact us:  
919-943-3705  Or

   [email protected]

Kostroma, Russia Delegate Marina Serebryakova, Chief Specialist of  the Tourism Department of Kostroma, presents a letter of greetings from the Mayor of Kostroma to Durham Mayor Bill Bell.

Some of our programs:
-- Educational Exchanges with Schools in Toyama, Kostroma, and Zhuzhou.
-- School Projects with Art, Photography, and Water Projects. 

-- Librarian Exchanges with Kostroma
-- Photo/Art Exchanges -Kostroma, Durham UK
-- Programs with Duke Gardens
-- Kavala programs with Duke Homestead
-- Maternity Clinic and Orphans' Uniforms Projects in Arusha
-- Medical Exchanges with Toyama
-- Toyama-Sister Cities Japanese Pavilion at Duke Gardens
-- Partnering with Durham Library, Durham Tech Community College, Duke Gardens, Duke Homestead Tobacco Museum, City of Durham.

The Kostroma, Russia Delegation visited the Sister Cities display at City Hall. 

Board of Directors, 2018 - 2019

President:      Bob Ashley
Vice Pres:      Vita Jones
Secretary:      Richard Jaworski
Treasurer:      Mark Goodwillie
        At Large Members:
Eddie Davis              Ann Evans               
Rich Jaworski           Sue Mathias          Guillermo Solares     Dick White
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Executive Director:  Brady Surles

Chairs of our City Committees:

Arusha: Ronda Pierce, Gwenn Bookman
Celaya:  Alberto Lopez, Elsa Jimenez
Durham, UK:  Nancy Proia
Kostroma: Anne Berkley
Sibiu:    Mitch Scrutu
Tilaran:   Ilba Prego, Melissa Perez   
Toyama      Chris Boyer
Zhuzhou:    Mark Goodwillie, Lusia Li
Kavala:   Betty Tilley Seddon, Randy Griffin

    Become a Member
And consider volunteering for our general activities or to serve on one of our City Committees.

Annual Membership Dues are:

Individual                     $20

Family                          $35

Youth                            $10

Organizations             $150

  (Businesses, Educational Institutions)

Life Time                     $300

     We appreciate your support!

Annual Sister Cities/Mayor Awards - "Promoting International Understanding"  are presented at the Annual Meeting in Oct
This award recognizes both individuals and organizations who made significant contributions to international good will between our community and the world.

   Previous Recipients - Organizations:

Latino Community Credit Union
Sister Communities of San Ramon
Rotary Clubs of Durham & Durham, UK
American Dance Festival
Durham Bulls Baseball Club
Durham Children's Choir
Bouncing Bulldogs

   Previous Recipients - Individuals
Dr. Bill Ingram, DTCC
Star Sampson, DPS

Kathie Davidson, DPS
Mayor Bill Bell, City of Durham
Wendell Tabb, DPS
Lenora Helm Hammonds, NCCU
Dionne Jimenez, DPS
Aaron Greenwald, Duke Performances
Tatiara Podveteinkova, Kostroma, Russia
Susan Urakami, Toyama, Japan

Students from Jordan High School led by teacher Daniel Miller visited our Sister City,  Kostroma, Russia, in June 2017 and July 2019

We appreciate the support of these Organizations:
City of Durham
CoCo Jazz and Arts Center
Durham Technical and Community College -Center for the Global Learner

Duke Office of Regional and Durham Affairs
Duke Homestead and Tobacco Museum
Rotary Club of Durham
Triangle Community Foundation